How To Buy Domain Name From


Description: ElySpace is Hosting and Domain Registry Company Based in Jammu and Kashmir, offer domain names, whois protection,cloud hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, SSD hosting, VPS hosting, website security.


Follow these steps to buy a domain name from


Step 1: Open your browser and type the URL  and Click on Domain in the menu.


Step 2: Type your Domain name in the Search box and click on Check To know the domain is available or not.

Step 4: Click on Check Out Please review your domain name selections and any add-ons that are available for them like hosting. If you want to buy hosting from then click on add hosting if not then ignore and set your nameserver

Where default is

Step 5: Click on the Continue button. Review & Checkout. If You have a Discount Coupon Code then enter and click on apply to get a discount price on domain name or other services.  

Step 6: Click on Checkout next.


Step 7: Sign-Up Please enter your personal details and billing information to check out.




Step 8: Please choose your preferred method of payment. If you are from India then select Debit Card/Ebanking(wallet) India  or Paytm    If you are Living in Other countries then select PayPal where you can also pay with credit/debit card using PayPal option.



Step 9: Click on Complete Order Done!

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