• Tuesday, September 17, 2019

For all the people of Kashmir, who's online business has been stopped. We are providing free hosting, vps and domain renewal,  for all the kashmiri's until the internet service isn't restored. It's the Least we can do for our Kashmiri People. Just call us, get connected with us and we will support you every way. 

We can Understand that kashmiri people can't make their payment for services and there is high risk for losing domain name and data. 

ElySpace.com is Kashmir based web hosting company, so we decided to help kashmiris to offer free services until the internet service isn't restored,.

1. Our clients from kashmir division will get automatically Free renewal and the service will not be suspended. 

2. Domain Renewal: your domain will be renew automatically where you don't need to make payment.

3. For those who purchased hosting and domain from other service providers can migrate their website free on ElySpace.com

4. If you purchased a domain name from other service providers you can transfer it free on ElySpace.com

5. VPS for VPS server you can get free VPS server untill Cerfew will not Left in Kashmir. 

6. Dedicated server is not available. So if your website is hosted on dedicated server so you can take vps until our dedicated server comes in stock. 


Note: this offer is valid only for kashmir division. And our policy can be changed any time without notice. 


Phone number: +91 6005734534



Thank you!